Intel Core i9-12900K Overclocked to 8GHz and DDR5 Memory to 8300 MT/s

Comes with a 13.3-inch OLED display

Woah! This is quite a surprise … I wouldn’t have thought Intel was capable of such a feat. But I was wrong. HiCookie is using LN2 cooling of course, on Intel’s latest Core i9-12900K using10nm architecture … so I guess that does help a little.

Taken fromVideocardz… An extreme overclocker HiCookie achieved something that was not possible with the previous Intel Core series, an 8GHz clock speed.

According to HWBOT, the highest frequencies achieved with Core i9-10900K and Core i9-11900K CPUs were7707 MHzand7334 MHzrespectively. The Comet Lake-S CPUs have been on the market for a while now, while the Rocket Lake-S model had 8 months to go past this value, which has not happened.

Intel is about to launch its new CPU series tomorrow and overclockers have been busy behind the scenes putting Alder Lake under liquid nitrogen and claiming new world records. It appears that HiCookie managed to break a new record with a Core i9-12900K at 8GHz, a frequency not even achieved with the previous series.

Furthermore, in a separate overclocking attempt, HiCookie scored 8.3 GT/s (4198.8 MHz) speed with Gigabyte DDR5 memory. To achieve such a speed, HiCookie put 52-52-52-100-127-2 timings on the memory. He used the AORUS Z690 Tachyon motherboard to claim both records.


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